The standard hot dogs and hamburgers can be spiced up a bit by packing them with chips and a toy prize in a paper bag that you have pre-decorated. This homemade version of a Happy Meal is a big hit for all ages!

Anything fried is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit at the birthday party, but you can make things a little healthier by baking. For example, try baking potato wedges drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt and dried rosemary. This yummy version of a French fry can be served with ketchup and is sure to be eaten right up.

You can also make baked chicken nuggets. Just cut a couple of chicken breasts up, dredge in egg and then in crushed cornflakes. Lay on a baking sheet and sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper before baking 10 minutes or until cooked through at 350º. These can also be served with ketchup if you like and they are just as delicious as fried nuggets.

Fun shapes are always popular with kids, so try turning food into interesting forms with cookie cutters. A regular cheese sandwich becomes more far interesting when you cut it into animal shapes! Veggie slices can be cut to look appealing, too, if you feel you must add some real nutrition to the meal!

Eating outside makes everything taste better, so why not have a picnic with typical picnic food. Egg salad sandwiches, potato salad, fizzy juice, all these are super popular with kids and a nice alternative to the same old hot dogs as last year. You may also try shish kabobs made with fruit chunks or even tacos where the kids get to choose from an array of ingredients that you set out for them. Make-your-own burrito is another good choice that allows guests to avoid foods that they do not like.

Above all, remember that birthdays only once a year, so if the food is a little on the unhealthy side, do not worry too much about it. Just make sure it tastes good and you’ll have eager guests asking for seconds.

Source by Jennifer Sword