Big Boss is a celebrity game show that is the Indian adaptation of UK’s Big Brother.
The show is a reality show where 13 celebrities had to live in the house of Big Boss for three months without television, radio, music players, newspaper, novels etc. under the scrutiny of cameras everywhere.

Sounds interesting, does not it? Well, really, if you did not see it, then you sure did miss something. It was a show full of masala and gossip where at one end of the house some celebrities were seen romancing, and at the other end, some were seen deciding on the game plan.

This thought out a new side of the celebrities that we see in some form or the other in movies, television serials, or even music videos.

Seeing nothing but each other’s face all day long and all night at a stretch, and yet unable to react as one would like to because of the cameras all around was something that would have depressed anyone on this planet, leave alone the thirteen fateful ones!
They had tasks to be completed given by the Big Boss. On successful completion, they would be awarded something and on not completing it, they would be deprived of something from their daily needs.

In short, this show telecasted thirteen celebrities living on the whims and fancies of the Big Boss. I believe the show did immensely increase the TRPs of the dying channel.
The celebrities had to vote each other out giving two names and their priorities that they wanted to exclude from the Big Boss’ House.

Then according to a majority, celebrities with most votes were opened for a public voting system, and viewers had to vote for the one they wanted to see in the show.
This also initially created an air of confusion as to what to vote for? They were confused whether they had to vote for the one to be eliminated from the Big Boss’ House or the one to be retained.

This show was very popular due to the gossip, the new side of celebrities, their lifestyle of exclusion, Big Boss’ suspense trips and surprises, the melodrama, the romance, the phoney sympathies, the bitching around etc.

Thus, rightly it was called “Daily Soaps Ka Baap.”

Featured image : pragativadi
Source by Tarang Bhargava