Most people go about building a nice looking chest all wrong

When most guys walk into the gym on chest day the first thing they do is head over to the flat bench. When you begin your workout you are at your strongest so starting with the flat bench makes sense because that is the king of chest exercises and starting with this allows you to lift the pretty substantial weight. However, when trying to build a nice looking chest you need to create that line that runs down the middle of the chest starting at the collarbone. In order to accomplish this, you need a lot of upper chest development. I want to teach you the best exercises for chest definition so you will have the best looking chest in the gym.

Why you want to avoid exercises that develop the lower chest

While exercises like the flat bench press, flat fly, flat dumbbell press, or any other type of exercise you do on a flat bench due to work, they develop the lower chest quicker than the upper chest. The other type of exercise that I want you to totally avoid is anything done on a decline bench. The decline bench will almost guarantee that you will get a chest that looks like breasts.

Focus on the upper chest to develop that nice square looking chest

I want you to walk into the gym on chest day and start with any type of lift that works the upper chest. This is important because when you start your chest workout you will be at your strongest and this will allow you to use a heavy weight which will create better density and definition in the chest. As a matter of fact, I want you to spend your next 10 to 12 chest workouts doing nothing but incline lifts. I want you to get that nice line that forms at the collarbone and runs all the way down to the bottom of the chest.

What exercises build a nice looking upper chest?

– Incline dumbbell press (my favorite)

– Incline barbell press

– Incline fly

– Incline machine press

– Incline cable crossovers

But it’s difficult to feel a contraction in the upper chest

Here is a tip that I rarely hear anyone in the personal training world talks about. If you are having a tough time feeling your upper chest contract during incline exercises, you need to increase the mind-to-muscle link in your upper chest. The best way to do this is through a high volume of lifting for that lift. You are going to want to lift a lighter weight and higher reps to really feel a burn in that muscle. Over time you will be able to contract that muscle hard and then lift with heavier weights in a more traditional manner.

Hit this workout hard – twice a week for a couple months – and you will quickly begin to see a major difference in the way your chest looks.

Feature Image: Muscle&Fitness

Source by Tim Downey