Melbourne: A couple in Australia left their two minor kids, aged four and six, all alone at home for three days and went abroad, prompting police to arrest her on arrival.

The woman is not the children’s biological mother and is understood to be in a relationship with the father of the children, a media report said.

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, the women was arrested when she came back into Perth airport on Thursday.

She has been charged with two counts of having the care and control of a child engaged in conduct knowing that conduct may result in harm to the child, the report said.

It is not known where the couple had travelled to or whether the father has returned to Australia.

Child Protection Minister Andrea Mitchell said she was “horrified” by the allegations.

“When I first heard about this situation, I was horrified. Any incident… Where there is children of any age being left alone is extremely concerning,” Mitchell said.

Western Australia Police said the children were found alone at a Cloverdale home when officers gained entry through an unlocked door.

Police allege the children had been left home alone since Tuesday.

“It will be alleged both parents were overseas at the time the officers entered the property. The children were subsequently removed from the property and placed into appropriate care,” police said in a statement.

It is unclear at this stage who alerted authorities to the situation and who called police to the home, the report said.