Nightmares are nightmares because they aren’t real; but for this man nightmare would have found a new definition. It was just a normal morning for Atthaporn Boonmakchuay from Thailand; he woke up and went about with his daily chores to the washroom. But the morning was far from normal as minutes later he realised something biting the tip of his penis.

Horrified, when Attaporn looked down he found a python has clamped his jaws around his private body parts. As terrifying as it is; this is how Attaporn spent one of the most horrifying mornings of his life.

Apparently, the huge snake had found its way up the sewer pipes and refused to let go of the penis of the 38-year old man. This led to a bloody battle between the man and the serpent.

After registering what actually happened with him, Attaporn screamed to call his wife and meanwhile kept thrashing his member on the tiny toilet seat to remove the snake. As a result of this action, blood splattered all over the bathroom floor.

Fearing that the snake bite will end up making him ‘penis-less’, Attaporn devised a plan. He asked his wife to bring a rope. Somehow, he managed to tie the head of the four-metre long serpent to the bathroom door and finally released his penis from its bite.

Attaporn passed out after the accident due to excessive blood loss, he is in hospital and in stable condition.

To eradicate the snake from the toilet, emergency services were called. It took five members to crash the toilet seat and drag the python out; who was still alive. It is being said that the snake will be released back into the wild.

As a shocker as this news is, we would suggest you to look carefully under your toilet seat before starting your routine!