An outrageous video has appeared in which a bikini-clad stripper can be seen shaking her booty at a child seating and seem to be enjoying the show. As per the online source, this is a birthday party of an 8-year-old boy and to celebrate this occasion his mother hired a stripper. At the background of this video, viewers can hear children giggling and laughing at the awkwardness of the situation. This incident has supposedly taken place in Tampa in Florida, USA.

This video has outraged many and people are calling for prosecuting the mother for child sexual abuse. People have also condemned the stripper for taking up such a job that involves children.

According to The New York Post, the Tampa police did get a call about this video but due to lack of evidence regarding where and when this party was organised they could not act, confirmed a department spokesperson.

Here is the video watch and decide for yourself.

Video Courtesy: PIAOB T.V.

Story Inputs: The New York Post