When infidelity in a marriage occurs, the unfaithful spouse usually begins giving lame excuses as to why he or she had an affair. Some of the common reasons cheating partners give when they are done are:

Career problem / financial pressure: Some individuals claim that losing their job made them cheat and they were merely looking for stress relief.


  • Sexual addiction: When an adulterous partner is caught red-handed, he claims that he is addicted to sex and is miserable without frequent sexual interaction. He will go on to insist that his spouse is not sexually active enough to satisfy him.



  • To terminate an unhappy marriage: The cheating spouse initiates an affair so that the innocent partner will feel betrayed and end the marriage.



  • Desire for a child: An unfaithful partner claims that he cheated because his spouse can not reproduce.



  • Insecurity: A partner cheats because he thinks that his spouse is seeing secretly someone else, and wants to get even.



  • Fleeting desire: When a married man or woman is sexually attributed to another person, she or he decides to sleep with the stranger to satisfy a whimsical desire.


No Good Reason Exists

There is no good reason to cheat on your spouse. Marriage is a serious relationship which requires a lot of commitment and cooperation. Whatever is wrong should be openly addressed. Couples are more likely to enjoy a lasting, healthy marriage if issues are resolved as they arise. If you think your marriage is in trouble, seek help.

Cheaters Do not Plan to Get Caught

For the most part, cheaters do not plan to get caught. They plan to enjoy their secret romance and the love, home and family they have with their faithful spouse as well. They fear getting caught and the consequences, but they will not stop because they are trapped in self-serving pleasure. Oddly, they are devastated when their secret is discovered, and they lose their family and the respect of their children.

A Matter of Commitment

People are beginning to believe that faithfulness in marriage is a myth. It seems as though celebrities and politicians are often in the news because they have been unfaithful, and everyone seems to personally know at least one marriage that has ended because of cheating. Nonetheless, faithfulness is not a myth. Many couples take their wedding vows seriously, and have remained faithful through their marriage. A commitment to fidelity should be made before the wedding. People should not marry if they are not certain that they can be faithful.

The Real Reason People Cheat

People cheat because they allow a selfish desire for ignorance with another person make them ignore the commitment they made to their spouse. The cheating does not begin with the actual sexual relationship. It begins with allowing desire to be aroused. Married people must endeavour to stay emotionally connected to their spouse and to patch up arguments quickly. Emotional disconnection leads to physical disconnection. Ongoing tension in marriage makes both partners susceptible to an affair.

It is possible for interviews to survive even if infidelity occurred in the relationship if couples are willing to forgive, stop blaming, stop attacking and start fresh.

Source by Caroline T. Dean