Har Prakash Rishi, 74, is supremely obsessed with setting up Guinness World Records.

The new Delhi resident took his obsession to the next level recently when he got himself 500 tattoos.


“I have about 500 tattoos on my body, of which 366 are national flags,” he said.

“I tattooed India’s flag eight times” said the delighted Rishi.

Rishi, who claims of having 20 such records, earlier removed his teeth to fit in over 496 straws and 500 hundred burning candles in his mouth for another record.


Guinness Rishi, as he fondly called himself, first made it to the World Records in 1990 when he drove scooter for 1,001 hours along with his two friends.

The 1942 born’s obsession didn’t stop here.


He went on to make several more records including – gulping 500 gm tomato ketchup bottle in less than four minutes, travelling longest distance to deliver a pizaa (from New Delhi to San Francisio), world’s longest will, smallest wedding card and many more bizarre feats.

Rishi, who is auto parts manufacturer by profession, has also got his wife involved in this mania to make it to the Guinness World Records.

She holds the record for the world’s shortest will – “All to Son”.

Now, he is looking to add global leader on his body.


At present he has, PM Narendra Modi, US President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Mahatma Gandhi inked on his body.

Too bizarre to believe!