Fussing over what to wear to create instant intoxication in your man for you? Men are quite easy and when you know how to trigger his emotional buttons, you’ll have him thinking about you for days.

As mentioned men are easy, but they don’t like easy things. You must raise his attraction by using triggers. If you’re thinking about getting him going, you’re going to want to make yourself look like a vixen while appearing a little difficult in the way you dress.

You also need to pick an appropriate time depends on what you’re planning to wear. If you see how much of a spell you’re casting over him with what you’re wearing, go lite on the flirting as what you’re wearing will do the trick.

For example, if you wear something with a zipper, it gives a man the idea that what you’re wearing can come off easily. You should practise wearing a skirt at least 70% of the time when you’re around a man if you want him to have fantasies of holding you close to him every night. If you’re living together, forget about the pants for one week and see how you’ll turn him into a raging stallion by wearing skirts.

Casual skirts and button down tops will make men go crazy and make his attraction for you go through the roof. The idea of wearing a button down top gives him the illusion that he can slowly take your clothes off. He’ll see you as a bit inaccessible while still being sexy and if you have your hair up so that it exposes your neck you’ll have him thinking about starting to kiss you there then lead to your shirt.

High heel boots that don’t look too trampy will also get your guy going. Have you ever showed up in high heel boots? If not, you’ll want to search high and low for a good sale price and go and get them today. Better yet, run to the store right now and get some classy boots, leggings, and a top that goes midway down your thigh.

Wear this on a night out and you’ll make him scream with desire. He will not be able to stop thinking about you because you’ll create an emotional hook in his mind by learning how to win his heart.

Featured Image: understandingrelationships.com
Source by Nicole Gayle