When love happens, birds sing and flowers bloom.

However, when the love is gone and a break up happens, it is all doom and gloom …

That has always been the case for humans. Whilst there are millions of people finding love right at this moment, at the same time, unfortunately, there are millions of many other breaking up and losing their love. “Why did he break up with me?” or “why did she break up?” This is probably the number one question that comes to your mind when it happens …

Relationship breakups are common and they do not happen for no reason. A breakup occurs when one party feels that he or she wants “out” of a relationship or when both parties feel that the relationship has to end. Why people break up can be due to many reasons. But there are 3 most common reasons that breakup occurs. By understanding what they are can help you prevent a potentially nasty break up!

Let us explore the top 3 reasons that cause the breaks:

Reason # 1: Distrust
When you are with someone and in a relationship with them, you are committed to them. Whatever the relationship is a marriage, an engagement, a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, these relationships require both parties to give each other faith, love, and security. If you love the person from the start, you would have committed to the relationship full-heartedly, willingly and putting the trust in that person to do the same for you. However, if this trust is broken by either party with unfaithfulness for whatever reasons (sometimes through stupidity or recklessness), love often withers and dies along with it.

Reason # 2: Differences
Very often, you’ll find that couples are usually found each other through a common interest or that they have a major common factor that they can relate to or connect with. However, once they are together, there are many cases where they found many other things in their partner that they do not like. These are the differences that couples find in each other as time goes by. It may ever get to a point where things just are not the way they were before and the commonality is no longer there. This is the time when the relationship starts to “die a slow death” and a break up is inevitable.

Reason # 3: Love Lost
The ultimate reason for relationship breaks is that the love is gone. When you are in a relationship for a long time and there is no effort on both parties to “jazz” up the relationship, comfort often sets in and couples take each other for granted. Without new excitation in the relationship, the feelings or the love between the two persons may slowly erode and ever disappear. When that happens, and if one party can no longer find the reason to accommodate growing differences between the couple, a breakup is often unavoidable.

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