If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating they will always leave signs. It is important to know what these signs are, so you can keep your sanity and not lose anymore sleepless nights.

Maybe you sense something has changed in the relationship. This is your own intuition that is like an internal early warning system. It’s a feeling, but you don’t have the proof… yet. If you wait to act you may be giving your cheating partner license to have the affair. Listen to your early warning system. If you do, you may be able to turn things around. Read the signs…

There are many signs that go unnoticed, because you just are not looking. You trust the person you love and base your relationship on that, so why look for trouble…

But still you worry because you sense something is going on. Listed are some signs below that go unnoticed.

The cheater begins working more hours. They will tell you the boss needs them to work additional hours to finish an important project. Why is this classic excuse so popular?

The cheater will come home from work smelling like they just showered. Know how to answer when the first thing out of their mouth is, I stopped at the gym.

The cheater begins adult education classes “For Work”. They give vague details about their new interest in furthering their education. They may sign up for the course and just never attend.

The computer has the evidence. Online cheating is an easy way to hide an affair and I’m not just talking about pornography.

Cell phones and smart phones are the cheaters easiest way to keep their calls and text messages private. If you knew how you can check their phones, you would sleep better at night.

The cheater leaves in the morning in one outfit and comes home dressed wearing another outfit! It could be innocent, but it may be a sign…

The cheater will purchase new sexy undergarments. Did they buy them for your enjoyment or someone else?

A cheater changes their fragrance. Why does the foolish cheater wear it?

The cheater will buy you gifts or jewelry for no apparent reason. Their own guilt is the cause. This makes them feel better about they’re cheating.

Cheaters go on many business trips. They will take every precaution to cover their tracks. They go on that trip for business and will either take the new love interest along or they meet there. They believe no-one will ever know…

If you find yourself facing the possibility of a spouse or partner cheating, you have to be aware of how they try to keep you in the dark. The cheater will always think they are being inconspicuous. Their goal is to keep you from knowing the truth so they can keep up their facade and continue cheating.

Your job is to find the truth and stop allowing this person to hurt you. If you take action you will get your self esteem back.

When you are ready to reveal their affair, don’t be surprised that your knowledge will be a complete shock to them.

Statistics show, after the truth comes out, some couples can forgive and do move on. They go through the experience and the relationship can grow from that. Some couples will choose not to go on because an emotional and sacred trust was broken. And some couples will never talk about it again and hope it goes away.

Whatever you decide, at least you know the truth and your partner is aware that you know too. You are in control now… So take it from here.

Featured Image:  Spyappsinsider.Com
Source by Pamela M Ryan