There are many different types of romance in the world, and many different types of unique relationships that use romance in their own special ways. In today’s society, however, many people immediately equate romance with sex, and the idea seems to be paramount in the minds of many young lovers. That begs the question: is sexy love the most fulfilling and rewarding type of romance out there, or can true romance exist without sex?

Although we’ve covered such concepts as the romantic Kama Sutra, generally we steer clear of physical love and sex and instead concentrate on good old-fashioned romance. But when we talk about romance, it’s tough to ignore sex, precisely because the idea has ingrained itself into the minds of so many couples in our society.

Romance can be sexy, and if you and your romantic partner want to concentrate on sexy love then there is nothing wrong with that. But it is wrong to assume that romance can’t exist without sex or that sexy love is the only kind of enjoyable love out there. There are many examples of long-lasting, true romance out there that do not include sex or much physicality at all. Many elderly couples and successful long-distance relationships stand as a testament to how strong romance can be without being categorized as “sexy love.”

Even if you are a person who is interested in eventually pursuing a sexy love relationship, don’t think that any worthwhile relationship has to involve sex or be physical from the beginning. Taking your time and letting things develop slowly is a great plan of action when it comes to a developing romance, and the idea of sexy love can destroy a potential romantic relationship if introduced too early.

Having said that, however, there is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying physical interaction and love with your romantic partner if you have a healthy and committed monogamous relationship. Generally, the concept of love can be dangerous if you are trying to nurture a romantic relationship, but once that romance has been fully realized, exploring the world of sexy love together can do wonders to bring you both closer.

So be cautious when assigning too much importance to love early in a relationship, but don’t be afraid to embrace it once your romance is more mature. And remember, true old-fashioned romance exists regardless of physical interaction and sex. Concentrate on building a romantic relationship that would be just as strong without sex as it is with sex, and the importance and relevance of sexy love in your relationship will become clearer to you.

Featured Image: Everyday Health
Source by Paul R Turner