So you have found your person, and have decided on to meet. This is a really important meeting.

Online dating lets you find the person, but the first meeting will determine if anything comes of it.

Here is a guide on what do to, how to act, where to go, and what to say on your first meeting.

Deciding Where to Go to the First Meeting

Depending on your conversations with the person you have found on the internet, the very best place for a first meeting is a coffee shop, during the day.

You may be tempted to suggest something more, but if you have never seen the person, in person, and judged your mutual magnetism, its best to meet casually first.

Meeting in a coffee shop during the day will remove any anxieties either of you have about the meeting.

If there is nothing between you, after a cup of coffee and a polite conversation, you part.

There is no injury to ego or pride. Make no expectations about the first meeting. Try to be as free and open-minded as possible.

Appearance at the First Meeting

If you are coming from work, you will dress as you dress for work.

If this is not acceptable, suggest a weekend meeting where you can dress as you wish. How you look is very important, and you wish to look your best, so decide in advance what you wear to make the best impression.

If you are a woman and wish to make the best impression, wear makeup sparingly as its daytime.

If you are a man, be neatly groomed, and make sure your nails are clean, and the rest of your as neat as possible. All girls are turned off by slobs.

Conversation at the First Meeting

Keep your conversation on the subjects you have been writing about. Do not monopolize the conversation either.

Ask questions of the other person after you have had your say. Be interesting but not domineering. Be polite, and talk about something you know interests the other person.

Asking questions is a very good idea, but keep them as impersonal as possible, and of a general nature.

You will get also to know the other person in this way. When you are asked questions, try to be honest, as this is not the situation to brag or boast. That will get you nowhere, except rejected.

Implications of Sex

Dating, after all, is leading to a relationship.

This can be a long or short term. If you understand the signals the other person is giving to you by their body language or verbal implications, you can discuss sexual relations, but only in a casual manner.

You will understand if you wish to, or the other person wishes this kind of conversation

What to Avoid

Here are some topics and actions to avoid on the first meeting

o Religion

o Politics

o Prejudicial Issues (race, masculine-feminine difference)

o Topics you know the other person is sensitive to

o Previous relationships

o Previous illnesses

The point of the first meeting is to determine if there will be others.

We wish you good luck, and who knows, you just may have met the person of your dreams.

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Source by Kelly Price