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Single attractive people are often thought of as a myth in the dating world. Most people think that matchmaking dating means they will get an average or below average looking person. They believe that matchmaking dating is about matching personality traits leaving you with something that you won’t be physically attracted to. This is far from the truth but the myth still persists.

The number one reason there are single attractive people looking for dates is that people have a prejudice against attractive people. Just think about it for a minute…You believe yourself to be an average to good looking person and your matchmaker shows you a picture of someone who is very attractive to you. This person is so attractive to you that you believe they are attractive to every person who sees them. What is your first thought?

When most people see a very attractive person they are going to think one of a few different things. The first response of many people will be “they would never want someone like me; they are out of my league”. They forget that matchmaker dating works hard to match up everything you want in a date.

What if the matchmaker just handed you the perfect date, your perfect match? Unfortunately, you may never know because you already started blowing it in your mind. Even if you end up going on the date, at some point in time you are going to state your initial thoughts. Hopefully, you have a bit of suave and can pull it off as a compliment. The alternative is that you end up belittling your date and they end up thinking you are a dog.

Then there are people who will look at the picture and tell their matchmaker that this very attractive person is too snobby, too arrogant, to date. Another prejudice that ruins what could be a perfect date. Don’t forget the matchmaker dating is about finding the exact person that you are looking for. If you tell them to find you a 6’0″ blond and they do, chances are you will find that person very attractive. Unless you told the matchmaker that you want a person who is snobby or arrogant, chances are this person is not. Any person would have a hard time having a laid back or down-to-earth personality and being snobby at the same time. Trust matchmaker dating to look for the things that you said you wanted.

Finally, you get the people who look at this very attractive person and decide that their standards for everything would be too high. Being attractive doesn’t mean that a person always wants to go out to the best clubs, the most expensive restaurants, or ride around in a limo. Not so attractive people can want all of that stuff, you can’t know by looking at a picture. Unfortunately, it is another prejudice against very attractive people. Remember no matter what you think, a picture cannot reveal a person’s inner nature. If you are using matchmaker dating than you need to trust the results and just go on a date with a very attractive person. Don’t forget to leave your prejudices at home, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The fact is that very attractive person can be single. If you are one such blessed person then you see the other side of this prejudice behaviour. No one will approach you in the bar because they think you are stuck up and arrogant. They think you only want an equally very attractive person and they don’t consider themselves to be as attractive. Worse yet, they believe your standards are too high and they couldn’t possibly afford taking you out. How many times have you heard that you couldn’t possibly be single because you are so attractive? Everyone is single at some point and time in their life; looks have nothing to do with it. People have a tendency to believe that very attractive people live on a higher plane than everyone else. Therefore there are a lot of very attractive single people in the dating world.

So when you fill out the profile information with your matchmaker dating service, be honest and except the results to match your desires. Above all don’t forget that they may show you a picture of a very attractive person who matches your profile. This person could be your perfect match so throw out the prejudices about attractive people and have a great time. Matchmaker dating is there to match you with your perfect date and why shouldn’t you be the lucky one to have a very attractive mate.

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Source by Debra Kirkpatrick