Would not it be nice to completely blow your man’s mind in the bedroom tonight? Would not it be a real treat to give him pleasure that is so amazing, that you leave him speechless and drooling in awe? If you want to give your man this kind of sexual satisfaction, then you must read on.

You are going to learn how to make love to your man the right way. You are going to learn what it takes to give him out of this world pleasure that leads to an earth shattering climax. Even though this sounds like quite the feat, it is made simple when you learn these 5 red hot sex tips that will leave your speechless speech and drooling in awe.

The first tip is to give him the right kind of foreplay. Men do not want things nice and slow. They want things rough and fast but most of all, they want to be teased. Giving your man a lapdance will not only get him turned on, but it will get him thinking about you in a different way. When you two finally meet to make love, the fireworks are going to explode.

The second tip to leave him speechless is to get on top and show your dominance. We often hear people say that women have all the power when it comes to sex and this is very true. The only unfortunate thing is that women just are not utilizing this fact. You should use this to your advantage because it turns your man on and it helps to turn you on too. It is a sexy thing to have power so make the most of it. Making love to him in the cowgirl position will totally blow his mind.

The third red hot sex tip to try on your man is to use your voice. Do not be afraid to be loud in the bedroom. Moaning is very sexy and saying his name is even sexier. Sex should not be quiet and you should express yourself through your voice. This really adds something to the whole experience and leaves him wanting more.

The fourth thing to do to your man to make love to him the right way is to be rough. Allow your passionate side to take over. Forget about being soft and gentle, when you are rough in the bedroom and when you allow rawness to come through, that is when you have the most enjoyable experience and your man would agree. He wants to have the sweaty, rough sex and so you need to give him the green light to make that happen.

Finally, you need to just enjoy yourself in the bedroom. Have fun and do not make sex a big deal. It should be fun and it should be a good stress relief so have some fun with it. Do not take sex too seriously and that is when you both will enjoy it the most. That is when you will leave him speechless.

Use these techniques on your man tonight and he will love you forever.

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Source by Michelle Jacobs