Affects Of Love

One question you should ask yourself is how does love affect you personally? Love is a very positive quality if it is sincere, and its effects should be evident. Love should make you a better person, a kinder person, a person who is more at peace with yourself. When love starts to have a destructive effect on you then it’s time to analyze what is wrong and what can be done about it.

Are you heartsick over someone, someone who may or may not feel the same way? Does your partner make you feel worthless or depressed? Is a relationship causing major stress in your life due to personality differences or other factors? If so this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to end the relationship. However, it is time to get serious about resolving these issues before you let this “love” drain the joy and passion out of your life.

Who Should You Be Dating?

If you are single or are recovering from a broken relationship, then this question may come up in your mind often. It may even come up from time to time in a committed relationship. Who should you date? What kind of partner do you want? What kind of partner do you deserve? What kind of partner do other people see you with?

The only question worth considering is “what kind of partner do you want?” All of these other questions are not important. It doesn’t matter what society thinks of your partner or your relationship. It’s true that some people let the viewpoints of others ruin a good relationship, but living for the satisfaction of other people inevitably leads to unhappiness. You are directly responsible for the happiness in your own life.

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