Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be very difficult and be breaking up with your long distance partner can be heartbreaking. Sometimes the relationship can endure its hardships and grow stronger but other times it breaks under the pressure. When the relationship becomes constantly stressing it may time to break up. There are several things to keep in mind before breaking up with your partner. Here are a few tips when breaking up long distance:

Think it through. Before putting both of you through the break-up, think before you act. Is the relationship beyond repair? Is this what I really want? Have I tried my best in making the relationship work? Once you have asked yourself a few questions and the break up seems inevitable you should continue with the break-up. If you have doubts, talk with your partner about it and you may be able to come to another conclusion.

Be Honest. There’s nothing worse than being told the old, “It’s not you it’s me.” Do not use any break-up lines you have heard from a movie or friends. Tell him or her the truth about why exactly you are breaking up with them so they can have an understanding of why. The person who you are breaking up with will appreciate the honesty even if they may seem angry in the beginning.

Get The Other Side of The Story. Allow your long distance partner to explain themselves and how they feel. As I’ve talked about before in my communication articles, communication is a two-way street. Not only talk with your partner but listen as well. There may be a halfway point that you both can meet at for a chance to still be together. This may possibly make the break up less painful for both of you.

Expect Broken Hearts. Whether the break up is mutual or not, you can expect that the person you are breaking up with is going to hurt and be emotional. Expect not just heartbreak either – expect anger, frustration, confusion, resentment, or blame as well. These types of emotion are bound to occur; especially when you have been in the relationship for a long period of time.

A Phone Call Will Suffice. In most long distance break up cases, a phone call will be a sufficient form of communication when breaking up. Do not fly or drive to go see your long distance partner to break up with them, especially if they have no idea that you plan to break up with them. The only circumstance where I would recommend this is if the break up is mutual and you need to pick up personal items from the other person or drop off their items.

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Source by Daniel Ovieda