Kissing is very important to women. So what? Who cares? Why should you care?

Well, for one thing, if you’re in a relationship with a woman and you ignore the kissing part, chances are you won’t be getting the sex part after a while. When you stop getting the sex part, then it seems that the relationship is going nowhere but down…things just start to crumble. If you’ve ever been in a relationship where there was a lack of affection – and part of kissing is about affection – then you may be able to relate.

Fifty-two percent of women we surveyed said they would stop dating a man they considered a bad kisser. Wow. One woman indicated she wished she had – but instead she married him and he’s resistant to her trying to teach him how she likes to be kissed.

And just kissing for kissing’s sake doesn’t fill the bill. Look, if a woman isn’t enjoying your kisses, she’s not going to be in the mood for sex – right? Well, usually this is the case. Kissing and sex go hand in hand. The kiss is the warm up – the prelude to the event. So, it would be a positive thing to want to kiss her the way she wants. You will be rewarded for this!

If she doesn’t seem to be responding to your kisses, try something different, until you hit it. Some women won’t tell you what they want – they just expect you to know. Not fair, I know. But it sometimes happens.

Here’s how one woman responded to the question on bad kissing:

“…My husband is a terrible kisser; however, I looked past it hoping he could learn. His kissing has not changed in 5 years. I need a class for him.”

Many of the women who said they wouldn’t stop dating a bad kisser indicated they would be happy to teach a man how they wanted to be kissed. But in any case, read her lips – and her body language. Find out what will get you the best response, and go with it. And if she happens to be a woman who will tell you what she wants – please listen to her. You’ll be glad you did.

Featured Image: Hungry For Change
Source by Peg Sausville