It is believed very popularly that men are always ready for sex and women do not have to excite them, a simple positive nod from them will turn men on. To an extent, this can be true but certainly not always and even for men sex become boring or uninteresting. In an old relationship, lovemaking does drop low on the priority list and there are many causes for this to happen even if genuine reasons are considered one cannot deny the fact that boring love life or lack of romance can kill any relationship does not matter how old or matured it is.

Women always play important role in relationship and so they can do to even spice up the love life, a role which was previously not considered as a women’s part, but today with busy lifestyle and both men and women working to earn it has become very important that female partner should be able to hold the reins if male partner is getting dormant. Remember unlike popular belief it is not easy to excite men for sex.

Surprise him, break the rules, such behaviour is appreciated by men. Make him skip a heartbeat by dropping a message on phone or mail or by slipping a note in his pocket with something naughty or something you would like to do to him when he comes back home. Keep in mind what sort of things would turn him on, it can be an adult joke or even a romantic poem or anything of his taste.

Senses are directly connected to the brain and a woman can captivate a man’s mind through his senses very easily. Give dose to his all five senses, wear something sexy, see-through gown with hot lingerie or no lingerie, smell nice and change the looks of the bedroom even if you do not want to perform in the bedroom. Touch him where he likes them very much except his sex organ, give teasing touches. Kiss his neck and say something exciting in his ears, if your relationship is matured enough you can say something dirty. All of these will certainly excite your man for sex.

You can watch a sexy movie together and even can remind him of old days when you two used to say goodnight to each other at dawn. Tell him how much in love you are with him right now and what sort of sexual moves of his you like most and want him to do. Simple message in the bed or oral sex are most effective to excite men for sex, men also appreciate if a woman asks to repeat any activity or reminds man any of his sexual moves.

Change of place for sex can also spice up the fun, suggest places within the house where you two can make out for a change. Taking shower together when he comes back home or having a cup of coffee sitting close to him can draw his mood and excite him for sex. Remain flexible, always listen to him and act accordingly and of course try to keep distractions away.

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Source by Ryan Mutt