Are you afraid that your spouse may be cheating on you? If you are feeling suspicious, it’s a red flag. Without there is a reason that you feel insecure in the relationship or something similar, often just the suspicion is enough to go exploring. You know your partner, so you know what is normal for them and what is not. If you are just not sure, here is a cheating spouse quiz to help you recognize the signs of a cheating spouse.

Answer yes or no for each question, and look at the results below the quiz.

1. Has your spouse suddenly been dressed differently? Perhaps he or she has purchased clothing they would have never worn before, or they have been making sure they look their very very best before they leave for work or to ‘visit’ their friends. Have they purchased a style of clothing that is completely different from their normal style of clothing?

2. Has your spouse been ducking out of the room shortly after receiving a call on their cell? Maybe you have noticed that your spouse has had frequent calls on their cell phone. After their phone rings, a few minutes later, they have to use the bathroom, they have to go see a friend or they have to go grab something from the store. Have you not typed this type of behavior in your spouse?

3. Has your spouse been leaving the house in the middle of the night? Perhaps their excuse is that they have to go meet a friend who needs a ride somewhere, or who needs their help. They might even say they forgot something somewhere. Has your spouse been leaving at strange hours with watery excuses as to why they must suddenly go?

4. Has your spouse suddenly needed to go on business trips? Maybe you have noticed that your spouse is suddenly required to go on business trips after never having had to go on them before with his or her current job. Perhaps they have scheduled these trips during the weekends when they would not normally be working at their current job, anyway. Have you noticed this kind of behavior from your spouse?

5. Has your spouse suddenly decided to try new sexual positions or experiments? Perhaps he or she has asked you to try things that you’ve never tried with him or her before. Maybe all of a sudden he or she has a wealth of ideas for the two of you to try. It may even be that he or she wants you to try things that make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

If you answered more ‘yes’ than ‘no’, chances are your spouse is cheating on you. There are several definite red flags and you should find out the truth so you can deal with the situation. If you answered more ‘no’ than ‘yes’, then your spouse is not displaying the common signs of a cheating spouse. Utilize the answers and your score to help you decide what move to make next.

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