I cheated on my husband. He caught me in the act and now he wants a divorce. I still love him. How can I stop him from getting a divorce? How can I save my marriage? This is the common question most women want answers to right now. This article will address the issue and how to go about saving your marriage.

In most cultures, it is a taboo for a married woman to cheat on the husband. The woman’s private part is sacred and worshiped. It is meant for procreation and the enjoyment of the husband alone. If for whatever reasons the woman became tempted to sleep with another man, it holds graves interviews for the woman and the man.

The woman may die in strange circumstances in the process if she tries to cover up the acts while the same consequences can befall the man if he covers up too.

In order to resolve the issue of cheating and infidelity, the woman may have to go through some spiritual cleansing and purification process to appease the spirits of the gods before the marriage can be restored that is if the man still wants the woman.

Cheating on your husband is a sinful act before God. The Bible accepts divorce in the face of a proven adultery. However, there is room for forgiveness and restoration if the sinful partner confesses and remorsefully requests for forgiveness from God and the husband. To err is human, to forgive is divine!

How to stop my husband from getting a divorce and save my marriage

Whatever led you to cheat on your husband, you must take the initiative to allow your husband to want to forgive you. Do not lose heart. It takes courage to face the truth about yourself. Do not deny or lie about the act. The truth will always make you free from shame.

First, practice forgiving yourself now. Second, think good thoughts of how best you can build your marriage to become the best in the present circumstance. Third, allow time for healing. Fourth, you must change yourself. You must take full personal responsibility for your actions. No blame-placing and excuse-making. Do not say your husband starved you of sex and you decided to help yourself. Do not be so arrogant to hold on to your belief and think you are right. Humble yourself and change your way of thinking to allow healing and restoration to take place in your marriage.

Anxiety is often our first reaction when we are caught cheating on our husbands. In those moments getting peaceful may seem apathetic. Subconsciously we think, “If I care, I’ll worry. If I want my husband, I must stay upset.” It is a misguided belief that the income will be positively affected by the amount of time we spend worrying. No, your best problem-solving resource is peace. Solutions arise more easily and naturally out of a peaceful state whereas anxiety block solutions.

You need to know that sometimes restoring and saving your marriage takes place quickly, but most times it happens slowly, step-by-step especially if you cheated on your husband and his friends are aware of what happened. His friends may influence his decision-making process. You do not know exactly which step will bring restoration, so you need to keep walking and acting in faith. Before a leper was welcomed back into society the priest had to pronounce the leper “clean”. You can still save your marriage even if you cheated on your husband. How wonderful!

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Source by Shirly Smith