As much as getting caught cheating will greatly hurt your spouse, it does not need to have to mark the end of your marriage. Of course, you should be prepared to spend some cold nights, but you can still work things out and re-establish a good relationship between you and your wife. If you would like to achieve this, there are some important things that you need to tell your wife.

The first important thing is for you to know that you really want to re-establish your relationship in the first place. Otherwise, you risk ending up in a vicious cycle that will not help any of you. If you have really decided that you would like to make things up with your wife after you have been done cheating, here are the important things that you should tell your wife.

I am sorry

Many men admittedly have a very difficult time uttering these words, but they are very important if you would like to restore your relationship after being caught cheating. You will not be able to progress in the healing process if you do not tell your wife that you are sorry for what you have done.

Cheating goes to the depths of betrayal, and you should not expect to say these words just once. It is not a matter of saying them, however. You need to mean what you say for it to have the desired impact. Apologizing with all your heart will open the way to reconciliation with your wife.

I still love you

When your wife discovers that you have cheated on her, she will not trust that you love her anymore. It will not just make any sense to her that you could do such a thing if you truly loved her. There are many terrible things that she will find easier to forgive that this kind of betrayal. You will, therefore, need to reassure your wife that you still love her in spite of what has happened. It will take time for your words to be believed, and of course, your actions need to demonstrate this truth.

I need you

If you have been caught cheating, your wife will see that you have no need of her anymore. You should not just tell her that you need her. Tell her the ways in which you need her, and how much you really need her. You should let your wife realize that you really appreciate the things that she does, and how much those things mean to you.

When your wife knows how huge a dent her departure will leave in your life, she is more likely to reconcile with you and stay in the relationship.

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