You may feel that your boyfriend is being unfaithful and that you would like to determine the best method to catch cheating boyfriends. Of course, there is no perfect method that will work for everyone. You have to find a tactic that will work for you personally.

The biggest concern is to design a strategy that will not make your boyfriend or husband suspicious. If they suspect that you are on to them, they may stop all contact with the person that they are cheating with.

Try not to leave any paper trail whatever. For instance, if you plan on purchasing a camera to spy on him with, make sure that it is purchased in cash and that you hide the receipt well. If you buy gas at a location close to the place where you may be trying to track him down, again, pay in cash to avoid a traceable entry on a credit or debit card statement.

In other words, you must think like a cheater to catch cheating boyfriends or husbands. Also, you have to be prepared to answer asking questions about your personal whereabouts if he was to become suspicious. Make sure that you are able to reply to his questions smoothly and without hesitation and then try to change the subject right away.

In general, set up a strategy that is based on your personal situation to catch a cheating boyfriend. If you get friends involved in your investigations, make sure that they are not known by your husband or boyfriend. I wish you luck and hopefully, your suspensions will be wrong and then you can continue to be happy with your partner. If not, at least you will then know for sure the truth about his unfaithfulness.

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Source by Janet Bryce