So you would like to attract a Capricorn woman? It’s actually easy to see why you would. Capricorn women are practical and prudent, while also being ambitious and disciplined. These make for fantastic traits in a partner. So here are some tips that may help you attract a Capricorn, and they have the added benefit of helping women in general.

1. Be selective when flirting

If you’re a Capricorn woman, don’t just settle for the first girl you end up talking to. It is okay to be choosy when flirting with a woman. Having the courage to stand back and assess the situation is important. By being selective you are placing a higher value on yourself. Women find this very attractive. So take your time and make sure you are talking to the right girl.

2. Go from hot to cold

This tip drives women crazy. What you want to do is begin by showing interest in a woman, and then backing off. You don’t always want to be the one just showing attention. You need to be the catch. By showing interest and then pulling back you are giving the message that you are the one to be pursued. This is the entire push-pull theory. If you switch between these two states when flirting it will drive a woman crazy.

3. Stay current

To really impress a woman, she needs to find you interesting. An easy way to do this is to always have something to talk about. And an easy way to always have something to talk about is to stay up to date on current issues. There is a reason women subscribe to gossip magazines. If you can even talk a little bit about some of this gossip you will both have something in common. It will also give you something to laugh about. It is much better to discuss gossip than something heavy about politics, especially with a Capricorn woman.

Featured Image: LovePanky
Source by Dean Olmstead