Ever wondered what is the right age to get married? An age limit is set for marriage by families, government and other elements of the society. But is it a good idea to blindly follow the people and their views? Does it not question you that the right age for marriage depends on a lot of things, criteria, conditions and boundaries? Marriage means a long and endless journey with someone, sometimes with the one you love and sometimes with a stranger in case of arrange marriage. So, will you not consider all the facts, conditions, history and psychology before getting married?

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Late 20’s that include 27, 28 and 29 are considered as the best time to tie knots with someone special. Nothing is said without evidence, nor is anyone supposed to believe without knowing all truthful details, even the court doesn’t agree to any statement without proper evidence, so how can we humans? The best possible reasons for considering late 20’s as best time to get marriage are stated below.

  • Less chance of getting divorced : How often do we hear people getting divorced. The divorce risk does decrease as individuals marry later, but only till the early 30s. Those who marry in their mid-30s or later are now more likely to divorce than those who marry in their late 20s. Earlier in the 19th century, older couples were considered less prone to divorce but now in the 21st century due to various social, economical and technological factors like education, family status, religion, developing technology and evolving cities, late 20’s is considered as the ideal age of marriage
  • More maturity and understanding as individuals : In this changing and evolving time it is important we give time to ourselves as well as other the person to develop as individuals. Individual should know about each other more before getting married. The likes-dislikes should be known to each other. This would lead to better atmosphere in the house and hence happy family and the next generations to come.


  • Get to know yourself, develop yourself : Knowing yourself, your comfort zones, your boundaries and limitations is more important before anyone else does.


  • Education and dreams : It is important that before getting married, individual completes his/her educations. How often do we hear that women are not allowed to work after marriage? But what if she has a high academic status? Will she be still distanced from work? Answer is no. Every family wants their members to succeed in life. Before getting married one should live their dreams once, after marriage they might not get a chance to satisfy their dreams and their desires.



  • Less responsibilities : After marriage a bucket full of responsibilities have to be handled. Responsibility as a son in law or a daughter in law or new uncle aunties, are often common with big families. But the most important responsibility that strikes is, responsibility of handling your own son or daughter. After a new baby is born, two individuals become parents and hence now they are more focused to their baby’s development and grown rather than their own.


  • Better health during pregnancy :  Women who get pregnant in late 20’s and early 30’s are bound to have better health before, during and after pregnancy period. This would ultimately improve the health of the new born. Also chances of becoming grandparents increase.


  • More savings for future : As an individual gets married in late 20’s, there is more chance for saving more money, rather than those who marry late. As the responsibilities come, individuals tend to save more money for their next generations.


  • Getting best soul mate : Rather than getting married in early 20’s, it would help you get a better and compatible soul mate when marriage is done in late 20’s. Everyone wishes to get best partners, as whole life’s journey is dependent on it.


  • More fun : It’s important for both men and women, to enjoy their lives, because at the end of the day we are our own selves. Enjoying with friends, doing party and roaming around freely is possible before marriage, after getting married these things need to be dropped due to commence of a lot of responsibilities.


So, if you’re planning to get married in your early 20’s think again. Late 20’s is the best time to get married.