What attracts women? This is a very serious question when it comes to man to woman relationship these days. One thing you must remember is that deep down all women contain universal traits that make them attractive to men. You can become a ladies’ man without burning a hole in your pocket and can be skilled to seduce women.

Oftentimes, you usually see men at restaurants, bars, disc and many other places with a girl on their arm and smiling up at them. And naturally, you want to be like them, but maybe you don’t know how easy to be a ladies’ man. Really! And the truth is that there are three ways that can surely help you. Check them out.

Firstly, you need to become an ultimate seducer of women. You have to be confident and if you achieve this; that means that you possess guts to approach women on your own. You must believe in yourself so that a woman can feel comfortable with you. Remember, that most women like to receive compliments so you have to try to give some compliments by using some cashing lines like; “that dress looks really pretty on you,” “Your voice is sweet” and so on.

Furthermore, the second way is all about how you present yourself. Every girl wants a man who is perfectly clean & well-dressed. But it doesn’t mean that you should wear a suit & tie, you just put some effort into your dressing. You should not put on a shirt with armpit holes and anything dirty. Take out some time to comb your hair through and shave if need be. These efforts can earn you the best lady. In general, a woman can fall for a man in a plain T-shirt and jeans with his best footwear. It depends on how the man was able to play his game.

Whenever you find her eyes on you and you have succeeded to catch her attention, then you should make sure that you keep her attention, which is the most important secret every ladies’ man must know. Now you have had a chance to flirt with her and impress her. Sometimes this becomes somehow if she ignores you. But the best way is to start a conversation and you should know that she is taking interest in. You can meet a girl at the store buying a certain product or thing so just ask her about it and what she likes in it.

Another secret to attract a woman is your eye contact and smiling that shows you are taking interest in her conversation. In fact, you need to pay attention to everything she’s talking about and that’s what women want. After that, you can try to steer her ideas toward things she really loves and then you can ask her about movies or any latest celebrity gossip.

All in all, the following tips above will assist you to achieve your goal of becoming an ultimate ladies’ man. So just practising these techniques!

Featured Image: The Modern Man
Source by Bryan Beverly