Are you having suspicions about your wife? Do you think that she is cheating on you and engaging in an extramarital affair? This article shows you the 3 signs to look for with a cheating wife so that you can develop a plan for the way forward. Whether you terminate the marriage or seek marriage counseling in order to restore the relationship once you get past the hurt of a spouse cheating.

Infidelity and cheating has become so common and no one is shocked anymore if a politician, celebrity or pastor is caught up in a cheating scandal. You may even know someone who has had a cheating wife, cheating husband or other cheating significant other. You probably never thought that you would suspect your wife of cheating and that it would happen to you. It is important to realize that you are not alone and you need to recognize the signs of cheating.

If you suspect that you have an unfaithful wife but are not certain, here are 3 cheating signs of a cheating wife that you need to watch out for to determine whether you have a cheating spouse. These 3 signs are only a few that you can use to confirm or reject your suspicions of a cheating wife.

1. A Change in Physical Appearance

If your wife is suddenly watching what she eats or has joined a gym, this may be a sign of a cheating spouse as she tries to look good for the other man. This however is not conclusive evidence of cheating since she could be trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A change in physical appearance is however one of the strong signals that your wife may be looking elsewhere for affection. If she has completely revamped her wardrobe and is wearing more expensive clothing, if she has changed her hairstyle or hair color. To determine whether she is a cheating wife, you will need to look for significant changes in her appearance, some of which may be small but noticeable.

Is you wife showing off her body more with provocative clothing when she never used to do this? Is she opting for contact lenses and trashing glasses that she has worn ever since you can remember? Has she started wearing perfume or changed perfumes? All these could be a sign that your wife is trying to impress another. Noticing little changes in your wife will help you identify a cheating wife and expose cheating.

2. Bill Changes

You may need to start taking an active role in seeing and paying the bills that you both receive if you have never done this before because this is one of the easiest ways to determine whether you have a cheating wife.

Credit card bills are usually a dead giveaway and can help you catch cheating spouses. Are there frequent restaurant charges or hotel or motel payments? This could be a sign of a cheating wife if there is unusual credit card activity. If she will not let you view the bills, this could be a red flag and you can always request them from the credit card company. Cell phone bills may also help you identify unusual activity in your wife’s phone usage and help you catch your cheating wife.

3. Increased Secrecy

When a spouse is cheating, they always become very secretive whether on the phone and the phone calls that they receive and even internet usage. Do they quickly close out windows on the internet when you walk into the room? This may signal a cheating wife. Does your wife walk out of a room that you are both in or quickly hang up the phone when you walk in? This may be a sign of a cheating wife trying to cover up her illicit affair and may be a sign of a spouse cheating.

Source by Lydia Stevens