Any sort of adventure travel is fun but nothing comes close to the joy of trekking. For those who have trekked will agree that trekking is more about learning and staying put. And, the magnitude of adrenaline rush is definitely of a different kind courtesy the enchanting views one enjoys while at it.

But if it happens to be your first trek, the feeling is exciting yet overwhelming. So, in order to get the maximum thrill out of your first trek, doing your homework about the trek and brushing up on basic trekking tips is important.

If you have planned your first trek already but are still nervous about the dos and don’ts, fret not, here are 7 trekking tips that will help you sail through like a pro!

#1: Be In Good Shape

The first thing that matters the most is your health and physical fitness. This is not a tip but one of the most basic things one needs to be sure of before going on that first trek. You will be spending money on the trip and you don’t want it to cut short because of your health. So, ensure you are physically fit because the fitter you are, the easier the trek will be. Also, remember to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the journey.

#2: No Compromise On Research

If your first trek is in a group and the trek manager knows everything, ensure that you are digging out every bit of information about the trek. One needs to have a fair idea about the culture, locals, weather condition and the overall familiarity with the surrounding. There’s nothing that will make you feel more confident than reading and researching and having a fair idea about the place.

#3: Choose An Easy Trek

Trekking is fascinating, but for beginners, choosing an easy trek should be the thumb rule. People often think that an easy trek means compromising on the adventure factor, but on the contrary, when it’s an easy trek, you are more confident and can enjoy the maximum thrill. Ask the veterans, because even they believe that an easy trek always turns out to be a wise move.

#4: Comfortable Companions

When you are a first time trekker, it is obvious that you will be travelling in a group. While it’s good fun to travel with friends, but when it is trekking, comfort factor becomes the topmost priority. You don’t want to stay back at the camp for your friend or cut short your first trekking trip, right? So before embarking on your this voyage, ensure that the people you will be with are on the same page as you.

#5: Smart Backpacking With All Essentials

People often confuse smart backpacking and light backpacking. Light packing may or may not include essentials and safety gears while smart packing includes everything that is needed for the trek, but put together in smart way. An ideal smart backpack should include basic medicines, hand sanitizer, a walking stick (in case you are tired), reusable water bottle, headlamp (in case you trek at night), torch, extra cells, pocketknife, plastic bags, travel towel, waterproof pants, sunscreen, a raincoat, sleep sack (preferably made of silk), a camera bag, other than warm clothes and a jacket, wind gear, rain gear etc.

#6: Carry Flip-flops Or Any Comfortable Pair Of Footwear

Though everyone emphasise on a good, sturdy pair of trekking or hiking shoes, but the importance of a good pair of rest shoes or flip-flops is often neglected. While trekking, if you plan to rest for a bit, hiking shoes may not be the best option, so carrying flip-flops for resting your feet will be a wise option.

#7: Stay Calm And Trek On

Last but not the least, always stay calm and be positive because you are after all a stranger in a strange land. If the weather is not that great, or the trail is not the way you imagined, do not panic or crib, it may scare others too. So, keep a good, positive attitude and march along.