The most reliable, anticipated and the unsaid authority of global travel and tourism Lonely Planet has released the list of Best In Travel 2016 destination. This list is divided into 3 sections Top 10 Best countries, Top 10 Best cities, and Top 10 Best regions in the world. Interestingly, Mumbai is one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit next year.

Without any further ado here are the 3 lists that will help you to decide where to go in 2016.

Top 10 countries to visit are:

Best 10 countries

#1. Botswana: Located in southern Africa, Botswana is a country that has budding tourism industry, minimal corruption, and progressive social outlook making it a favourable country to visit for tourists. From wildlife to nightlife Botswana has many things to explore and enjoy.

#2. Japan: This one is definitely not a surprise as Japan has constantly been preferred as an ideal destination over the years. From the futuristic cities to the traditional peaceful countryside, Japan is a marvellous place to visit.

#3. USA: Well, who does not want to visit this country? Landscapes, skyscrapers, long road trips, night life, and what not, USA has it all. This is one destination not to be missed.

#4. Palau: This is an archipelago having move than 500 islands. The economy and environmental measures of this country is remarkable. Palau has 100% marine sanctuary on their ocean and for tourists there are many things to be explored only at Palau.

#5. Latvia: This European country has castles, manor houses, museums, and its capital Riga was European Capital of Culture 2014. This country has culture, history and tourists attraction hard to miss.

#6. Australia: This is a continent that definitely has everything to offer to travellers. From Great Barrier Reef to Tasmanian Wilderness Area to some amazing animals found only here, Australia is one place everyone should visit.

#7. Poland: Poland has many not-so-popular global cities and wildlife to offer to the tourists. And, the stable economy of Poland makes it a favourable destination for many.

#8. Uruguay: Apart from the size (as compared to the neighbouring countries) this South American country has everything else that makes its tourism industry rich and attractive for foreigners. From good hospitality to some great architecture to peaceful bohemian vibe, Uruguay is delightful.

#9. Greenland: One of the surprising entries in this list is Greenland, a place of which 80 percent is covered by ice. But, for tourists this is once in a lifetime experience. Watching midnight sun on magnificent glaciers, sailing with whales, the sight of Northern Light are things that can only be experienced here.

#10. Fiji: Though this country has seen some internal drama in the recent past, but Fiji is getting back to normalcy fast and its tourism industry is flourishing. The comforting weather and calm easy-going pace of this country is appealing for the visitors.

Top 10 cities to visit are:

Best 10 cities

#1. Kotor: This coastal city in Montenegro tops the list of cities to visit next year. This city has mountains, historic walls, and the popular Bay of Kotor. The rich history of this city provides a unique character to Kotor.

#2. Quito: The capital city of Ecuador, Quito, is rich with colonial heritage and at the same time, fast growing modern amenities. On tourism sector, this city is coming up with a new airport and some swanky hotels.

#3. Dublin: Ireland itself is a high priority destination for tourists and Dublin is a true cosmopolitan city that has the flavours of the world making everyone feels at home. This is a young city with majority of the crowd being below 30 years of age that adds energy, vibrancy, and life to Dublin.

#4. George Town: This is the capital city of Penang state of Malaysia. This city is famous for the mind-blowing street art. Apart from arts, film, music, dance are an integral part of this city making it a must visit city in the world.

#5. Rotterdam: This city in Netherlands is futuristic in terms of architecture and a party destination in terms of nightlife. This city is surely drawing many from around the world.

#6. Mumbai: Films, fashion, glamour, and finance, India’s Mumbai is a city that has global appeal. From delicious food to mega movie stars to beaches; Mumbai is in city to be in.

#7. Fremantle: Fremantle is not-yet-so-popular harbour city in Australia. With Victorian and Edwardian structures spread around this city, this city is unlike any other. Fremantle is a truly relaxing place with breweries, hipster bars, bookstores, shacks, and beaches.

#8. Manchester: Art galleries, theatre, public libraries, music library and, of cause, this city is the home of Manchester United. This is a lovely destination in UK for a leisurely vacation.

#9. Nashville: For country music lovers Nashville, in Tennessee, US, is a place for a great vacation. This vibrant, soulful city is a far-cry from popular cities in the States and yes, as Lonely Planet says, it is worth a visit.

#10. Rome: There is nothing to say about Rome, the city with an incredible history and its commendable presence even in today’s world. This one is a hotspot for global travellers and Rome is never disappointing.

Top 10 regions to visit are:

Best 10 regions

#1. Transylvania: This central Romanian region is diverse, vibrant, and a heaven for explorers. From castles to art galleries to some wildlife adventures, this region is ideal for all.

#2. West Iceland: Vast, varied, naturally rich and, the best part, not-too-popular among tourists make West Iceland a peaceful vacation spot. But, slowly and steadily tourism is growing here and so are the facilities. Definitely, a place to visit next year!

#3. Valle De Vinales: This Cuban region is the centre of agriculture and offers the real taste of Cuban life. Easy life, hiking, horse-riding, cycling or just sight-seeing are the activities tourists can do here.

#4. Friuli’s Wine Regions: For the wine lovers from around the globe this Italian region is not unknown. This whole region is a visual experience of how wine is produced. Again this is a less explored destination that has tremendous tourism potential.

#5. Waiheke Island: This territory in New Zealand is known as Island of Wine that has more than 30 wineries. Beaches, caves, lodges, bohemian feel are just a few things about this place that draws tourists.

#6. Auvergne Region: This is a central France region which is often overlooked by tourists because of its rural and peaceful attribute. But, over the period of time this place has adopted the charm required to attract tourists.

#7. Hawaii: Next year is an important year for Hawaii, Haleakala National Park and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park are completing 100 years and it will be 75 years since the attack on Pearl Harbour. Ergo, there will be various events and exhibitions hard to miss. Definitely, a tour to Hawaii should be planned next year.

#8. Bavaria: This German region has Alps, vineyards, medieval villages, museums, and mesmerizing scenic beauty. Also, next year Bavaria will be celebrating 500 years of Beer Purity Law which is one of the oldest regulations on nutrition.

#9. Costa Verde: Brazil is hosting the Summer Olympics next year at the Rio de Janeiro and definitely, this city will attract the whole world. But, Costa Verde is a destination in Brazil that should get its due attention now. Waterfall, virgin beaches, islands, peaks, this region is basically a shoreline stretch one must visit.

#10. St. Helena: St. Helena is a world on its own. It is because of its remote location that makes this region serene and peaceful. This is a place that might not have all the up to date facilities but is an escape for tourists looking for some quiet time.

The list of Best in Travel 2016 is inviting and exciting, so now pick your destination for next year.