Rome is frequently referred to as the “eternal city” because of its stunning beauty. The religious center of the Catholic Church, the center of Roman Empire and the vibrant new Rome all have their base in this city. All the three bitterly contrast each other yet manage to endure alongside with relative ease. The city has carved a dominant niche in the field of style and beauty of design and is considered the final word in the fields.

The city is characterized by a dominating landscape studded with stunning marble fountains, massive structures such as the coliseums and splendid cathedrals. Rome is a city that has stood deep-rooted in its past yet managed to embrace swanky malls and slick skyscrapers. The resultant is a stunning amalgamation of cultural architecture.

Rome features numerous luxury hotels offering the best in luxury and services. The luxury hotels in Rome offer the finest facilities in their class. Hotel Colonna Palace is a popular luxury accommodation precinct in Rome. The hotel is located in Piazza Di Montecitorio, opposite the Parliament building. Hotel Colonna Palace is at a walking distance from The Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain.

The luxury hotel features a spectacular roof garden which offers sweeping views of the old town. The hotel has 110 rooms, all of which are air-conditioned and feature state of the art facilities. The in-room facilities include multichannel television, courtesy kit, hairdryer and a mini-bar. The hotel embodies the reputation of the city, crafting an ambiance of elegance and stylish internal décor.

Regina Hotel in Baglioni is a five-star luxury hotel in Rome located in Vittorio Veneto. The hotel features a liberty style building and is the perfect precinct for those who desire the finer things in life. The hotel features 143 rooms with new age facilities. The suites in the top floor feature a private terrace, Jacuzzi and have a sleek soundproofed glass wall which offers panoramic views of the Roman monuments.

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