There is a land far far away surrounded by hills that lies on banks of rivers, sits in the midst of dense forests, wakes up by the myriad songs of birds, you must go there at least once in your lifetime.

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura places that look more like canvases and far less than reality. This is that virgin, less explored, non-contaminated part of India has many reasons to make it a tourist hotspot.

If you haven’t been there yet and contemplating whether to make it or not, then here are 30 reasons why you should pack your bags and go now:

1. The Weather: Not too hot, not too cold. A bit humid during summers but regular rain keeps the temperature under control.

2. Friendly Natives: People from this region are friendly and their hospitality is simply heart-warming.

3. Simple Life: Life in this land is simple, relaxed, and there is no rush for a better smartphone or the launch of the next iPhone. Essentials are respected and luxuries are well-defined.

4. Traditional Homes: Distinct architectural structure, and art and cultural stuffs as home decor items. Every home here is like a mini museum displaying who they are!

5. Amazing Mornings: It is not the alarm that wakes you up in this exotic place; it is the chirping of the birds in the front yard or backyard of your home.

Manas National Park Manas National Park

6. Peaceful Quiet Nights: The nights are quiet as if the whole town needs rest and yes, sleep is a great medicine.

7. Hills In The Sight: The hills don’t call you here, you apparently live among them.

8. Clean Fresh Water: Regular rainfall ensures that this land is fertile and the water is crystal clean. Streams of water can be seen at most unexpected places and sometimes the stream water is much cleaner than bottled water.

9. Fresh Air: The industries are mostly away from area of human population that keeps the air of cities, towns, and villages fresh.

10. Clear Night Sky: The night might bring nightmares here, but in Northeast the night brings a sky full of twinkling stars. Watching them is a great way to understand how small we and our problems are.

11. Wide Fields: Widespread fields producing paddy and other edibles are a sight common in this land. And let me tell you, it looks incredible.

12. Brahmaputra: The mighty Brahmaputra is the lifeline of this region. The cultural significance of this river is immense, and until and unless you witness the beauty of this river you will never know what we are trying to say here.

13. Feel of Himalayas: Close to the Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with mind-blowing geography and climate. Also, from parts of NH 31 of Assam you can see the Himalayan range at the horizon.

14. Cuisine: Food is something of this place that you must try. Locals herbs, exotic edibles and simple yet delicious preparation, if you think you are a foodie then do not miss the food of Northeast.

15. Clean Small Villages: Villages of every state of this region carries their traditional identity with pride. If there, do not miss out on this.

Northeastern delicious food Delicious cuisine

16. Shopping: From traditional fabrics to modern dresses to ethnic jewellery to footwear to home decor items to knick knacks, you can not return from Northeast empty-handed.

17. Fashion: Northeasters know what and how to wear. A casual stroll around any part of Northeast will make to understand how to do fashion right!

18. Music: Dhol, Dogor, Toka, Taal, Gogona, Sarinda are only a few names of musical instruments of this land. Music runs in the veins of people of this part and their taste of music is something that anyone will love.

19. Festivals: Hornbill, Bihu, Durga Puja, Losar, Yaoshang, Wangala and so on and so forth, there are endless festivals that celebrates life and its true essence in Northeast India. Be there and feel it!

20. Monastery: For peace of mind and calmness of soul, monasteries are places. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has one of the biggest monasteries in Asia. Indeed, a good reason to go.

21. Tea Gardens and The Bungalows: Love Assam tea? Or not quite a fan of it? Be it whatsoever, but tea gardens are spectacular, wide-spread, green, and organized harvesting is what you get to see here. Also, the bungalows from British era in these gardens are another thing to watch here.

22. Rich Distinct History: No Mughals, no British but their own kings, queens, legends and dynasties! Northeast of India has historic monuments that is unlike any other in rest of India.

23. For Biggest River Island: Majuli, happens to hold a special place in the state of Assam. This biggest river island has many culturally significant places and is one of its kinds in the world.

24. For Rhinos: For wildlife lovers, there are so many wildlife sanctuaries that are home of some interesting animals and birds. Kaziranga National Park is just the tip of the iceberg, go dig deeper!

25. Lakes and Caves: This naturally blessed region has many lakes as well as caves to explore and don’t forget the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya. Still wondering whether to go or not?

Dibru River Dibru River

26. Temples: Yes, there are many temples spread all across the seven states and some of them have many interesting stories associated with them. Even if you are not religious you will enjoy the legends and stories.

27. For Long Road Journeys: Reach Assam but flight or train, then hit the road to know Northeast better. Roads are the best way know a place and surely much recommended.

28. For Biking In The Hills: Biking on the hills has its own thrill, going around the hills, feeling the cool breeze on your face, and knowing that one mistake can end it all. Well, words are not enough to explain this feeling.

29. Bamboo Forests: Tripura has bamboo forests that spread miles and miles creating beautiful landscape. You don’t get to see this anywhere else.

30. Harmony in Living: This land has many tribes and subtribes and yet there is harmony and respect for each other.

Now, plan a long vacation, pack your bags, and head to Northeast India to get amazed by the beauty, simplicity, and marvel of this exotic land.

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