Rivers around the globe has played a vital role in the evolution of human civilisation and till date they have their own cultural significance for the inhabitants of the cities that lay beside rivers. For these cities, their adjacent rivers work like a lifeline. These rivers not only act as the essential supplier of water, natural weather controller, and mode of transport but also is an element that makes a city picturesque. Culturally, these rivers are part of poetry, base of folklores, set-up of stories, and subject of arts and in general, part of the day to day vernacular of people of these cities. In other words, for the cities that lay next to rivers life pretty much centres around this water bodies and are complementary to the existence of each other.

And, how marvellously these two chemically opposite components compliment each other can be proven by these wonderful pictures of different cities and rivers from around the world.

#1. London – Thames River

Thames River

#2. New York – Hudson River

Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

#3. Paris – Seine River

Paris la Seine, le Pont de Bir-Hakeim, la Tour Eiffel, le Quai de Grenelle

#4. Moscow – Moskva River


#5. Amsterdam – Amsel River


#6. Berlin – Spree River

Spree River

#7. Bonn – Rhine River

View from Petersberg, Bonn, Germany

#8. Glasgow – Clyde River

Clyde River, Glasgow

#9. Rome – Tiber River

Castel Sant'Angelo

#10. Vienna – Danube River

The BLUE Danube Vienna 10 December 2014.jpg

#11. Sydney – Darling River

Sydney Harbour

#12. Tokyo – Sumida River

Tokyo, Sumida River 1 (Borrowed)

#13. Haridwar – Ganga River


#14. Cairo – Nilew River

Cairo, from my window

#15. Baghdad – Tigris River


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Image Courtesy: Flickr