On a long, beautiful, isolated, endless road, cool breeze swiping through your hair, your eyes are constantly distracted by the juxtaposition created by the nature and human imagination, your past bidding you goodbye with every single torque while you are ready to embrace your future with newer enthusiasm; if this sounds familiar or feels closer to what your heart desires then you are a biker whose heart lies on road trips and exploring the world. For a biker in love with long roads, the world is not enough and the excitement to ride through every nook, corner, circle, and line is never-ending.

From the hills and mountains to the plains and deserts to cities that never sleeps to the quietest human establishments; the two-wheeler vehicle can take its rider through any terrain in the world (as long as there is fuel available). No matter how far and how adventurous you ride, there are few roads around the world where you need to ride ones in your lifetime to live an experience that can not be replaced by any other. Here are the best motorcycle routes in the world where you must ride once.


#1. Alps, Europe:

Glen Croe (View towards The Brack,from the Rest and Be Thankful)
The most extensive mountain range in Europe stretches across Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Monaco, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, in other words, some of the most beautiful locations on earth. The routes on Alps will offer you varied and majestic natural beauty and challenging environment, but it is definitely a must take a trip for bikers.

#2. Route 66, US:

Rainbow over Historic Route 66
This happens to be one of the first highways to be constructed under US Highway System. This route also known as Main Street of America or Mother Road, starts from Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, California and covers 3,940 km. The route is interesting and has many breathtakingly beautiful locations to see. This is a popular route for motorcycle rides and in fact, there are tour packages available for bike trip here.

#3. Great Ocean Road, Australia:

Great Ocean Road
243 km long ride along side south-eastern coast of Australia fascinating and fantastic. This route has some interesting landmarks, historic monuments, and natural formations to see. Definitely one of the best routes in the world to travel.

#4. Amalfi Coast, Italy:

Riding to Positano.
This coast is just 40 km long and it has been declared at UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a popular tourist destination simply because of the jaw dropping beauty of this coastline. You can either take a motorcycle trip, a cycle ride, or even take a walk to capture the beauty of this coastline.

#5. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China:

The Guoliang Tunnel - Huixian County, central China's Henan Province
This is considered to be one of the most dangerous routes in the world. This route is carved through a mountain by the villagers who wanted a better passage. This road is definitely a risky one for amateur riders and a challenge to the pro ones.

#6. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan to China:

Kara Koram Highway ; Pakistan
Karakoram Highway happens to be one of the highest paved routes in the world and is 1,300 km long. Though, this highway has strategic importance for the governments of Pakistan, China, as well as India, but it has become a destination for adventure tourism. This highway route has mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and is heaven for bikers who love to explore different terrains.

#7. Pacific Coast Highway, US:

California - Point Reyes National Seashore
California State Route 1 or the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the interesting ways to enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. From Orange County to Mendocino County, bikers will get to experience some of the most popular tourists destination in this route.

#8. The Hana Highway, Hawaii:

The Greatest Drive in the World
Ride your motorcycle alongside lush tropical rainforest and Pacific Ocean. This route still has many operational steel and concrete bridges constructed around 1910. This highway is beautiful, but can also be brutal in parts. Worth a trip for adventure seekers.

#9. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, Abu Dhabi:

Desert Racetrack
Jebel Hafeet is the highest mountain in UAE and is considered the best route for driving and riding motorbike. This rocky mountain is dramatic and has 21 turns along the way. The landscape is unmatched and this is what makes this route a favourite among riders.

#10. Los Caracoles Pass, Chile and Argentina:

Los Caracoles Pass Between Chile and Argentina - ritebook.blogspot.com -001
Scenic, dangerous, and a long route is what Los Caracoles Pass is all about. The Argentinean side of the pass is less dangerous as compared to the Chilean side. Apart from the challenging route, this pass is experiences heavy traffic making it a nightmare for riders. But, if you like challenges than this pass is perfect.

#11. Transfagarasan Road, Romania:

The Transfagarasan road in Romania, crossing the mountains
Transfagarasan Road, Romania is 90 km of turns, twists, curves, and mind-blowing landscape. This road has many tunnels and bridges, and the northern section of the road is used for Tour of Romania, the annual cycling competition.

#12. Trollstigen, Norway:

Trollstigen, Norway
Sharps bends, curves, and beautiful natural surrounding makes this road which is a part of County Road 63 of Norway a busy road for drivers and bikers. Due to climatic condition is route is closed during end of autumn and winter. Along the way bikers get to see waterfalls, bridges, a mountain range, and some tourists’ destinations.
No Matter Where You Go, Ride Safe.