The winter season is filled with tempting dishes, delectable sweets, and yummy cocktails. It’s easy to get swept up in the cycle of unhealthy eating. Do not worry, there are surefire ways to stay fit, and make healthy choices while enjoying this season. Here is a list of 7 fitness tips to keep you focused:

1. STAY FOCUSED! If you have a workout routine that’s 3-5 times per week, stay focused! Do not lose sight of your goals. It’s very easy to miss workouts, but trust us, your body will reap the rewards by sticking to a plan.

2. ONCE-A-DAY! Make sure that you get at least ONE activity per day. Yep, that means getting up and moving your body! Walking, running, stairs, free weights, etc. If you can commit 30 minutes per day, you will be maintaining your body’s muscle memory, and stamina.

3. BALANCE WITH MACRONUTRIENTS! We suggest a protein-rich diet as protein increases your metabolism by 20%. Balancing protein with veggies is a definite way to burn those calories, while still building muscle mass.

4. LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE! There is nothing wrong with a cocktail here and there. Remember, this is the holiday season! We know how festive parties can be, with specialty holiday drinks, wine, and eggnog. For every one drink, follow up with a tall glass of water.

5. WATER, WATER, WATER !!! You know just as well as I do that water is vital to your body’s overall health and digestion. While every person’s body is different, on average, I recommend 3-5 tall glasses per day. We wash our faces and bodies every morning in the shower. Drinking water is like washing the inside.

6. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! This ancient tonic provides smooth digestion and overall wellness for your temple. Ingesting one teaspoon twice a day will work wonders, for inner and outer beauty. If straight Apple Cider Vinegar is too strong for you to gulp by the teaspoon, try diluting a teaspoon in one tall glass of water.

7. PROTECT YOUR SKIN! Dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick warns that your skin is no less vulnerable to the sun’s radiation during cold weather. This means that wearing protective clothing and sunscreen is JUST AS IMPORTANT during winter months. Make sure to bundle up when exercising outdoors !!!

Life is all about decisions. The decisions you make today affect your future. Decide to eat healthily, be active, live harmoniously, speak kindly, and act as an example. Start now. Begin anywhere!

Here’s To Your Health!

featured Image: Muscle & Fitness

Source by Daniela Rosa Bycoffe