For 7-year-old Evan Wellwood, Christmas came in early and how!

Evan is battling an inoperable type of cancer since he was just 2. Recently, his family was informed the cancer had spread, and the boy’s condition is deteriorating and does not have much time. The family wanted the little hero to relish the joyousness of Christmas.

As the news of Evan Wellwood’s terminally ill condition spread, the residents of St. George, Ontario decided to ring in Christmas exactly 2 months in advance. Determined to create magic for the young boy, the residents held a parade featuring Santa Claus and dancers. The residents strung up lights and decorations to honour Evan and so he could experience Christmas that he will always remember.

A Facebook page that read, Christmas In St. George was created to spread the word. And it worked! The page is flooded with wishes from across the globe and the family is in awe and overwhelmed with the response and wishes.

It’s beautiful to see how the whole town came together for Evan Wellwood! God bless you little hero. Merry Christmas!

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Cover image source: Facebook