Time spent at college is about a quick and working life which is negative to our health. Living on the go, health is not always the first and most vital choice. Healthy choices are also sometimes considered exorbitant, money that a college student wants to reserve. Fast food is almost always the initial choice since its cheap and is available in our just outside of campus, but most of you already know that this is not the best healthy option out there. I recommend to try to stop eating out often and try to make some homespun meals, such as a BLT sandwich or salad with some tuna and vinaigrette. A bag of salad and one rotisserie chicken can last you for three or four days, sparing you some money and a stomachache from fast food. My personal preference for a cheap meal which can reduce my fast food cravings is a nice chicken, mayo, and BBQ sauce sandwich and a glass of water or lemonade.

Light Exercise to Help Lost Some Weight

One of the most vital factors for this type of style of living are eggs. More specifically, egg whites. They contain a ton of protein and although they can not stop cravings by themselves, if crossed in with other foods like a bun and some bratwurst on the side, they can be the most vital ingredient to your meals. Egg whites are also essential if you’re trying to lose weight. Eggs are cheap and are nutritional.

Most students do not have much time to keep their body in the best character and health, so I recommend a fast paced walk for 30 minutes, three or four times a week. This will help your cardiovascular health and also help you lose weight, unless you’re doing some limitless eating. Try not to eat after 10PM, most of time it will activate binge eating, which is what you do not want if you’re trying to lose weight. Thanks for reading this post about Staying Healthy and Losing Weight in College.

Source by Polar Alvarez