Is it getting expensive to maintain your level of brownie points? Tired of seeing other people putting the number of outfits they have your face? Does it seem that other people are getting brownie points easily? Are you ready to start dominating the game without that monthly fee for brownie points?

If you are reading this article, odds are that you have played or heard a lot about Sorority life and understand that it takes some planning and strategy to build a house full of sorority sisters. Your only game plan cannot be to shell out money month after month on those ever elusive brownie points. Trust me, it’s only sees that they are hard to come by. Let me give you a couple of quick tips on how to get free sorority life brownie points:

1. Fill out offers- Be very careful with your information though. Do not give away any personal information about yourself. Stay clear of any “free trial” offer that you see, as they are usually some sort of scam. Do not give away credit card information when doing these offers.

2. Use throwaway contact information when doing those offers – This will take a little bit of your time but well worth it. Create a couple of email address using any of the services out on the net (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail). When you fill out the offers, use these email address. You will never have to sort through spam in your own inbox, so who cares about this?

There are many other simple strategies that you can use to dominate this great game that we play called Sorority life. I hope that these two easy tips helped.

Featured Image: Pinterest
Source by Beatrice Mckray