Diet is actually a healthy program that can be done by normal people in a regular base in order to have a healthy body or better athletic body. Among lots of diet programs, one of the coolest ones that I would highly recommend for most of you active people is the Athlete’s diet or you could call them the soccer players diet. This interesting insight is pretty much an accidental finding that I discovered as I browse news about my favourite soccer club Ac Milan and in some interview with the team’s doctor and chef they share a great info about what athlete diet is.

Basically, athlete’s diet is preserving the nutrition of the food that a certain athlete takes daily, which can actually be different depends on the work that they are doing on the day. As an example if an athlete has a schedule to do more gym work then it is advisable that they need to have more protein as their diet nutrition, meanwhile after playing a game (for a soccer player, basketball player, etc) then they should have more carbohydrate. Another example of the things that can be done on this diet is to consume some of this important meals such as pasta, vegetables, meat, fish and most importantly water.

Another good tip that people can also do in trying out this athlete’s diet in your daily routine is paying a good attention to the food that is completely banned to consume, such as fried food, creamy food, butter and also meals with heavy sauce on it. Those kind of food are pretty much should be avoided for athlete’s at least when they are pretty much under preparation for a game or sporting activity because such meals are difficult to digest so it would be bad for their body.

Although this type of diet is specifically made for athletes, you can also do it for your daily routines too maybe with few adjustments here and there as it was pretty much informed above all of the food and nutrition that you need to consume for the diet depends on a lot on the activity you will be doing and has been doing. Because of that it would be advisable to look for professionals help to determine the specific food that you can eat daily, or you can do it yourself by browsing to health sites, reading health books, the important thing is you should really know about the number of calories from foods so you could list the things you can and can not eat.

Off course this kind of diet is easily done by the most athlete as they do have doctors, nutritionist that handles them every meal daily, however with a proper knowledge any people including you can do it too, especially with the fact that this kind of diet does provides lots of positive things for our body. The fact that we can start to exercise regularly, getting the perfect weight for our body, losing lots of unnecessary fat and also living a more healthy and disciplined life.

Here is some of the simple chart of nutrition for Athlete’s diet:

Consuming 65% of Complex Carbohydrates
Consuming 10 to 15% of Fat
Consuming 10% of protein
another addition is consuming health supplements such as Vitamin and Minerals according to the perfect dosage of course.

Featured Image: WIRED
Source by Dewa Nugraha