Bodybuilding is not a fun game or a hobby to us!

We are here for one thing and one thing only!

We take our workouts and nutrition seriously; it is a way of life!

We are obsessed with what we do everyday in and out of the bodybuilding world. We want to be the largest and the best at what we do. The only thing on our mind is to get just one more rep after the rep we said we would be finished.

We push our bodies beyond the limit, we prove people wrong in every shape and form.

Some people who are really into body building think of the sport as hardcore in and outside of the gym. We are the ones who pound the weights, we scream, we yell and we send weights smashing on the floor for fun. We do not care what you think; we dare you to tell us otherwise.

We use our whole body and mind to focus on our training. We focus on specific muscle groups, muscle groups the average Joe does not even know exists. We will dedicate a workout just for that muscle and we will push our bodies over the limit to get that pump we desire.

Our views are if we train, eat, and live hardcore we will have hardcore gains for the hardcore work we put forth the effort to achieving.

As you feel that resistance of the weight stretching and breaking your muscle fibers, it is a feeling you just can not get anywhere else. No pain, no gain is the way we see it in hardcore bodybuilding. Push yourself; push your hardcore bodybuilding friends to the next level. Competition is nothing to us, we have no competition, and no one is as big or hardcore as ourselves.

We are our own competition, and our only competition. That’s why you see see us pushing ourselves as much as we do because the goals we are trying to beat are our own!

Source by Brian D Nelson