Good form is a must to obtain an effective exercise. If too much pressure is pressed on the wrong place of the body it can cause injury. Bruce Lee never cheated on his exercises, that is why he was able to obtain a full workout during his training sessions.

In Bruce Lee’s earlier days, he emphasized on bodybuilding, he even used protein drinks and concentrated a lot on forearm training. Later, he realized he was giving away too much traditional compound and cardio training. His weight dropped after wave up the intense bodybuilding routines.

“Since weight training involves repetitions, a great deal of energy must be executed. – Bruce Lee

His quotes will live on forever as he exercised the truth from his own bare hands. He mentions about an intense workout that would require your body to need recovery on the following day. Working out your muscles intensively every other day but leave enough energy to do cardio exercises or martial arts practice in between those given days. The three key elements that he wanted people to learn was to stretch for flexibility, weight training your body for strength, and cardiovascular for your own endurance.

Bruce was never an expert in nutrition but he learned to use protein and many other supplements to help him in his training from magazines. According to his diet plans, he had close to zero percent body fat. One thing he did avoid eating was refined flour. Refined foods are baked food such as cakes and biscuits. With excessive eating, refined flour is not much help or benefit to the body. To Bruce, you only eat what your body can handle and what you actual need to use in your exercise programs, do not overdue.

Source by Ye Thao