Chetan Bhagat, ’nuff said.

Some like him, some hate him, and some call him overrated. But no matter what, everyone should agree on the fact that he is someone who made many of us read Indian authors again and also inspired many to consider or take up writing as a full-time profession.

His first and most celebrated book Five Point Someone was published 12 years ago and it surely made him a poster boy for Indian contemporary literature. We all read it and mostly, we all loved it. Ever since then, Chetan Bhagat has written 7 novels and all of them seem for have their own takers. Out of these 7, 4 books have movie adaptations and his latest one Half Girlfriend will also be seen on silver screen pretty soon.

If you are a fan of his work, or happen to read any of his novels, or just wanna guess your own literary skills, here is a Chetan Bhagat novel’s quiz that you will enjoy.

Opening Image Credit: Claudio Cambon Photography