Glamour photography is for those with a passion for fashion and beauty. It’s intended to create an essence that is perhaps exaggerated from real life. It’s a fun technique that at first glance looks so easy to do. Remember it’s the same person with just different cloth on and a different hairstyle maybe. Maybe add a little makeup. It does not take much.

Glamour Photography is not that Much Different from Traditional

Have you ever been to a seminar about how lighting affects photography? You may imagine some exotic lighting solutions to get amazing improvements in glamour photography. When you take a closer look you will see the lighting can come from a very make-shift lighting source. There are guidelines but not rules. With only a few configurations to the traditional lighting techniques, you can create amazing results

Background to Use for Glamour Photography

You can set up a background or use nature for your glamour photography. The background can be attached to a pole that works as a stand. This makes the background mobile.

Start Today Creating Your Own Glamour Photography

By knowing the rules first, the experience gained will give you a more creative eye. If the rule is not getting the artistic result you want, veer slightly from the rule. This is what most artists in any medium do. They begin from the foundation of rules and veer from them until gradually they have created their own unique methods.

Amaze yourself with your fabulously stunning glamour photography!

Source by Janie Jenkins