Here are a few exercises for your belly. If you want to reduce the size of your belly, you have a couple of good options to use. Use both and get even better results. Here’s how to get a flat stomach.

Exercises for your Belly

1. Walking / Running up some stairs for 10-15 minutes non-stop

The 2 top cardio exercises, in my opinion, that will help you reduce your stomach fat are jumping on a mini-trampoline for 3 minutes at a time and walking or running upstairs for 10-15 minutes non-stop.

They each have their own place.

The walking and running up some stairs is great because it promises to create an internal AFTERBURN when you’re done. What that is … it’s faster fat loss. An elevated fat burning even after the exercise is over. Basically, these are “FREE CALORIES” you’re burning since you do not have to do anything to burn them off during this time. The intensity of walking up stairs or running up them for 10-15 minutes non-stop is what made this happen.

Be sure to only do this 3 times a week maximum. It’s simple, but it’s definitely not easy.

2 Mini-trampoline jumping for 3 minutes at a time

This is not quite as good at directly burning off calories and fat, but the “mini-workout” method is way better for long range burning due to its superior ability to rev up your metabolism really fast.

The easiest way I know how to get in these 3-minute workouts on a mini-trampoline is to use tv commercial breaks. You do not need to jump on your mini-trampoline during every commercial break, but you can easily get in 7-8 commercials breaks worth of jumping on it. Even better (for your metabolism) is if you spread these out through the day and night.

These are pure exercises for your belly fat … to get rid of it fast without having to suffer through some idiotic diet.

Featured Image: LIVESTRONG

Source by Jennifer Jolan