We all know that exercise and stress control go hand in hand. When you perform exercise the mind gets stimulated the releases some chemicals which will lift your mood and control stress. Perform exercise regularly and feel the difference.

How exercise helps

After a session of exercise, you do not feel the anxiety because the tension is released. It totally relaxes you and the hours that follow follow you in peaceful mood and a relaxed state.

• Exercise distracts you from your problems, worries and concerns.
• It changes the state of the body’s physiological activity.
• It stimulates your nervous system.
• It helps you siphon off the overloaded negative energies and emotions through vital physical activity.
• It offers a better coping mechanism than smoking or alcohol.
• It gives a boost to the immune system of your body
• It increases your appetite. If you eat well you can combat stress easily.
• It enables smooth blood flow to the brain.
• You can bid good bye to depression.
• You feel good about yourself and feel positive.

Get started

After knowing the fact that exercise is a stress control mechanism its time you hit the gym or the playground. There are so many types of exercise that you can choose from. Choose the one which suits your body, age and stage. If you like simple exercises then try yoga or aerobics. If you are a fitness freak, then hit the gym; if you are a spots kind of a person then play your favorite game. Make sure that the kind of exercise fits into your life style easily.

Aerobic exercises: Do simple exercises that warm up your body. Try to spend 20 minutes a day and four or five days a week. However busy your schedule might be, spending time for exercise is worth it. Perform aerobics listening to music so that your body feels the rhythm and goes with its flow. It is a good way of controlling stress.

Therapeutic Yoga: Many research results have proven that when muscles are contracted and relaxed in a specific way, the body gets relaxed. The postures in yoga are designed in such a way that it completely harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It relaxes you and makes you more peaceful. If you have a yoga instructor around, join a class or fix an appointment. It is a nice way of stress control.

Sports and games: Try learning a new sport. It requires both your mind and body’s attention to learn the skill. This way it provides a good diversion. Try games like tennis or volley ball. Your whole body gets involved in playing and enjoys the process. This way sports control stress to a good extent.

Start a new life

You can open a new chapter in life with exercise being a part of your life style. Regular exercise controls stress and makes you feel good about yourself. You feel more confident, lively, enthusiastic and fit. The real pay off is kicking away the stress monster out of your life.

Source by Roshni Pathak