Imagine this, you relocate to a new place for academic or professional reasons and apparently, you know no one in the new city. What if you come across a familiar face and that too your own face carried by a complete stranger! Mind boggling isn’t it?

This is exactly what happened with Cordelia Roberts who went away from her home country to Bremen University, Germany, where she came across her doppelganger having exact similar face. This interesting story of Cordelia was shared by Twin Strangers, a unique website that helps people find their doppelgangers from around the globe.

Cordelia’s doppelganger Ciara Murphy is a resident of Ireland and coincidently, also a student at the Bremer University. The Twin Strangers also shared a video featuring the two girls in which they share their amusement and excitement. The similarity of their face is so startlingly distinct that people often confuse them to be twin sisters.

Watch the video here:

Twin Strangers on a student exchange!Two complete strangers Ciara and Cordelia went on a year long study abroad scheme. After many people pointed out their similarities they took a photo and the result was amazing!Check out a video we made of the pair, it’s pretty uncanny!

Posted by Twin Strangers on Friday, 23 October 2015

Seems like an epic case of Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V.