Musicians and rock stars are mostly popular for their fabulous music compositions, the instrument they play or the funky stage names they use. We all have our favourite musicians who we worship literally and claim to know in and out. Yet, there are times when we are taken aback by something as basic as their real names. For instance, if we mention some real names like Joel Zimmerman, William Bruce Bailey or David Evans, you will probably not know whom we are referring to. But, if we say deadmau5, Axl Rose or The Edge, U2, aka their stage names, you will instantly know which musician we are talking about. Some of the most famous musicians that we know have long ditched their real names and are better known by their pseudonyms. Be it 50 cents, John Denver or Rihanna, for these fellas, there was a LOT in a name!

Here’s a quiz where you need to guess the real names of these 15 popular musicians.

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