Among children and teenagers, parties with western themes have become extremely popular. Birthdays and start of the summer holidays are celebrated through these parties. They are parties full of casual fun. You can arrange the parties for both boys and girls and keep something for everyone to enjoy so that your child can invite his/her peers and classmates. The most important accessories are the sheriff’s stars, bandanas, but above all the cowboy hat.

You can buy cowboy hats from most places including party supply stores, toy stores, and the websites of course. You can get them in almost everything starting from straw to foam. You will have enough to complement your theme and keep the budget.

Young people enjoy dress up and a cowboy hat party is a perfect place for ropin’, ridin’, and cake eatin’! Moreover, they will be charged up if they are gifted with their very own cowboy party hats and make them an honorary deputy of the day. Personalize each kid’s hat with his/her name on it or arrange for some fun activity by which the children can decorate his/her own hat.

Cowboy hats can be used to add a good dash of spark to the decorations at the parties. There are various ways to enliven and uplift the party mood through these hats. You can turn them upside down and fill them up with toffees and sweets for the kids to take home. You can also set a border with bandanas and fill the hats with chips and cookies. You can hang them from ceilings wrapped up in Christmas lights or keep them as centerpiece decorations.

If you can, send out the invitations by rolling them up in cowboy hats and add a note requesting the guests to wear cowboy hats.

Hats also serve a brilliant purpose in party games. Set up a few cowboy hats in a pyramid structure and ask the kids to knock them down with a ball or beanbags like ninepins. This kind of a game is both exciting, has a flavor of the Wild West and it is quiet. It also keeps in mind that no one is hurt. In another game, you can turn hats upside down and allow kids to toss beanbags inside them. The hats kept farthest off have the greatest points and will fetch more prizes.

Today, we don’t normally associate a cowboy with proper gentlemanly manners but once upon a time, there was a code of conduct, which they followed. For instance, the tipping of the hat to a lady is one of the commonest ways of expressing respect. But there are other lesser-known forms.

For a long time, the cowboy hats stood as an indicator of the jagged west. Initially, the cowboy hats were supposed to protect the wearer from external harsh conditions. Animal skin was used to make them since materials like felt and straw were not readily available. Leather hats can be worn on a regular basis since they are tough, adaptable and can weather the wind and rain.

The cowboy hat offers immense opportunities for fun-filled activities. They are cheap and easily available and are restricted only by your imagination. A cowboy image is not complete without the cowboy hat and a Western-themed party is definitely incomplete without it.

Featured Image: Cowboys & Indians

Source by Penelope Morgan