People’s weird obsessions can go to any height. This Maryland man is proof of what a man can do for his love for travelling.

An American artist and Internet sensation, Sam Barsky, is known for knitting sweaters of iconic landmarks, then taking selfies in front of those landmarks while wearing them. It all started 19 years ago when Barsky knitted a sweater with a scenery and then visited that place on a vacation. The moment he took a picture of him wearing the same sweater as the scenery in the backdrop, he realized how great photo opportunities these moments made. Since then he combined his love for knitting with the love of travelling.

Barsky himself claims that when he looks at the collection of pictures wearing his sweaters in the places they represented, they feel like another type of art which brings him so much pride.

With the objective of sharing his unique art with the world, Barsky started his Instagram account which has 30,000 followers and they all appreciate his work a lot. The man also has a website which features all his collection of sweaters year-wise and also consists of all details of his public appearances and news releases. He has become quite a celebrity now. Barsky has 120 sweaters in total, each of which takes a month to knit. However, he has not yet visited all the places he has made sweaters of. But when he visits the place and there is any change in the scenery, he improvises the sweater at the instant. Right now, he is already working on Colorado-themed sweaters for his upcoming summer trip. Here are a few masterpieces from his unique collection-