This woman from Nashville did the bravest thing any woman could do.Β  She went into labor while travelling from US to Germany and delivered her baby in a hotel room by watching YouTube videos. Yes, you heard it right! She had her deliver as if it was a DIY project

Tia Freeman though of having a good time on the holiday when she started suffering contractions as she landed in Istanbul for a stopover in March. She thought it was just food poisoning from the food she had on a flight because her baby was still due for three months. It was only later that she realized that she is going into labour. The 22-year-old woman shared the amazing story of her delivery in a Twitter thread and the world went in awe of her bravery.

The first thing Ms Freeman did was to reach her hotel room search on You Tube about the best ways to deliver a baby on your own. Filling the bath tub with warm water and grabbing two towels- one to bite onto and other one to wrap the baby- the lady started with the process.

Fortunately, it was just 5-6 pushes and the baby slipped out, floating on the water. She wrapped the baby and after checking the gender of her little one, she started the next process.

The next thing she searched for was how to cut an umbilical cord without any tools beyond a knife. Shoelaces came to the rescue. She sterilized the shoelaces in the boiling pot available in the room and began the procedure.
It was not until four days that her family and friends knew about the baby. Next day she reached the airport to figure out how to take the new born baby home and successfully convinced the local police and Turkish Airlines staff of her story.

Ms Freeman was eventually taken to the US Consulate in Istanbul, where she applied for a birth certificate and passport for her son, whom she named Xavier Ata Freeman.

She stayed two weeks in Istanbul for which the Turkish Airlines paid and left left for her own land. Tia Freeman told The Insider, “The experience taught me so much. I learned how to be resourceful and calm under pressure. I was able to bond one on one with my son from his first breaths.”