Men’s health tips can make you look fabulous, feel strong and live longer. Whether you, just, want to improve your lifestyle or overall health issues, men’s health tips will tremendously be of benefit to you. Read on.

1. Stress management.

Stress raises the level of cortisol hormone. This compromises your health by disabling all of your other hormones. So it’s vital you handle stress as much as possible. You may, for instance, connect with friends and families, play golf, get a dog among other ways of relieving stress.

2. Keep away from risky trans fats.

It’s vital to watch the types of fat you take, as much as, reducing their overall intake. Hydrogenated oils, especially, contain trans fats that heighten the risk of developing heart disease. Eat only fats that are healthy as they will help protect against the disease of the heart.

3. Avoid eating processes foods.

Food that is processed is devoid of minerals and vitamins. Natural fibre has also been stripped of them. As such, these foods quickly drive up the levels of blood sugar, which contributes to, diabetes, weight gain among other issues. You can, instead, focus on foods rich in fibre.

4. Be cautious of xenoestrogens.

Keep away from xenoestrogens that are in the form of phthalates in plastics. Do not use plastics to heat up food too. Moreover, avoid warm plastic water bottles. The heat in them will cause phthalates to be leached in your beverages and foods. For this purpose, you may use stainless steel and glass and ensure you drink ounces of water equivalent to half your body weight.

5. Include weight training in your exercise routine.

From recent research, even as little as once per week resistance exercise helps improve your muscle strength. Certainly, even the laziest of men can find time for this – one time in a week. And, fitness training increases testosterone.

6. Optimal weight maintenance.

While healthy weight maintenance will make you feel and look fantastic, it will limit your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension plus other key killers.

7. Drink alcohol, but only, in moderation.

From repeated studies, it has been shown that drinking alcohol in moderation protects man against the disease of the heart and lowers death’s risk from all causes. But, remember the key here is moderation – while a drink a day is protective, excess consumption of alcohol is devastating to health.

8. Get enough sleep.

Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. The reason sufficient sleep is essential is that most testosterone is produced while you sleep. This means that the more sleep, the more testosterone is produced.

9. Be active in sex.

I am not being funny here, but testosterone levels are increased by sexual stimulation. This, in turn, increases sex drive and lowers stress. In fact, according to studies, it has the man that has regular sex is the one who lives longer. In marriage, harmonious relationships that lead to regular sex enable men to live longer.

10. And how about maintaining close relationships?

While it enhances health, it reduces stress. You may strengthen ties with family, friends, even your religion and, of course, pets. Plus you can even volunteer – it gains health as it reduces stress.

The above-mentioned tips will, certainly, provide a pathway to ensuring that men look not only good but feel OK, as well.

Source by Rony Barnsworth